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Weiterbildung Grafik

Vehicle electrics and vehicle networking
Qualification EIP An electrotechnically instructed person (EIP) is a person who has been instructed and, if necessary, trained by a qualified electrician about the tasks assigned to him and the possible hazards in the event of improper behaviour, as well as about the necessary protective devices and protective measures. (Source: DIN VDE 0105-100) , EFDA The electrician for defined activities (EFDA) is a person with a certified additional qualification in a sub-area of electrical engineering. For the "specified activity", additional training in the electrotechnical field must exist and have been successfully completed by the person (examination in theory and practice). The training criteria are described in the Employer's Liability Insurance Association Principles (BGG). The trained person is then an electrical engineering specialist only for exactly the trained area. (Source:

No company should stand still in terms of knowledge and application technology. However, individual development requires constant further training of employees in the individual areas. We at RoWiA GmbH from Wolfsburg offer you precisely this further training in the field of mechanical engineering, including topics related to special machine construction. These trainings not only promote the theoretical know-how, but also support the autonomous actions of the employees.

Constant control and guidance of the employees in the company can be gruelling, costs time and energy. The company is less productive and works much less efficiently. Training and development, however, benefit the staff of the entire company: They increase the level of knowledge of the trained employee and increase employee loyalty by up to 70 percent. Well-trained and efficient employees are also a benefit for your customers, because they are competent contact persons for all questions.

Competent further training for your skilled workers

Well-trained professionals who undergo continuous training support the entire staff and the company. Skills and knowledge are exchanged among the staff, so that even the employees who did not directly participate in the training benefit from it. At the same time, as a company manager, you bind the skilled workers to your company, because high-quality training opportunities are reasons for most employees to remain loyal to the company. Therefore, use our trainings to achieve several positive aspects for your company!

Our further education and training courses focus on the automotive and electrical engineering sectors, so that today's important areas in machine and special machine construction are covered. Among other things, this includes the basics of automotive electrics and automotive electronics: Infotainment, bus systems, assistance and diagnostic systems are all part of it. We focus on the automotive technology of today and tomorrow and thus take an important step towards more safety and reliability in road traffic. Are you interested in our range of further training courses? We would be happy to advise you without obligation: Please contact us and arrange an initial consultation appointment!

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